Pallet Rack (Heavy)-Pallet Load 800Kg ~ 2000kg PR-H

Pallet Rack (Heavy)-Pallet Load 800Kg ~ 2000kg PR-H
Product ID: PR-H

General steel materials

 The average application rate of 90% of storage spaces
 Instant access rate of 100%
 land utilization to 40% -33%
 Storage has good liquidity
 The average load 800Kg ~ 2000Kg storage spaces
 Support beam can be stored with different goods in different

Products common specifications (mm):
Pillar group: 2000/2500/2700/3000/3600/4000/4500/5000/6000 ~ 20000
 Pillar group D: 500 ~ 800/900/1000/1100/1200 3000
 Length of the beam: 1350/1400/2100/2300/2500/2700/2800/3000/3300/3500 ~ 6000

(Can be customized for specifications)


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